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Our planet, our responsibility everything we make has an impact on the environment

Fast Fashion Sucks.

At CHNGE we are commited to challenging the status quo of this otherwise polluting and manipulative industry through our commitment to carbon neutrality, responsible fabrics, fair wage practices, and minimizing waste.

Fast Fashion is Damaging
Our Environment


The fashion industry makes up over 10% of global carbon emissions. Fashion puts a huge strain on our resources. 3,430,000,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere every year because of the production of clothing. Only the oil and gas industry exceeds this amount. 


At CHNGE we are committed to ensuring carbon neutrality in our production. For every shirt we produce we offset 48.5lbs of CO2 to ensure the CO2 from our supply chain, as well your first 50 washes and dries, is offset. In other words, our clothing is 100% carbon neutral.

To Date, We Have Protected Over


Trees Through Our Offset Program

The Fashion Industry’s
Environmental Impact



Fast fashion is the second largest consumer of our water supply. A single conventional cotton t-shirt uses over 700 gallons of water to produce from farm to finish. This is the amount of water an average person consumes over 3 years.


By using 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, every CHNGE t-shirt saves 500 gallons of water in comparison to producing a conventional cotton t-shirt.

Fashion’s Unsustainable


Packaging, which often has no utility, accounts for almost ⅓ of what we throw away, including what we recycle. The good news is that alternatives already exists and we want to help establish them as universal standards.


The packaging at CHNGE is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. Our packaging is brown, the color inherent to it’s recycled nature, and is never bleached. The messaging on our packaging is printed using water based inks. And the products inside each mailer are wrapped in poly bags made from 100% recycled plastic.

Fast Fashion
Exploits Workers


Most fast fashion companies do not pay their workers a living wage. Workers are usually paid 1/4 of the BARE MINIMUM it would cost them to live. The reason your fast fashion garments are so cheap is because the person sewing them isn't paid enough to eat.


At CHNGE, our clothing is produced at a Fairtrade Factory. This means we guarantee…. No forced labor, safe working conditions, fair wages, and the right to form trade unions and collectively bargain. On top of that…. our factory provides social insurance and health service options, and workers are paid double their hourly rate for voluntary overtime.