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At CHNGE, we work with factories that have strong foundations & in sustainability, environmental awareness, and ethical practices for their employees and for our planet

We are not only committed to producing the highest quality products we can for you, but we are also committed to working with manufacturing partners who share our passion for both the planet and the people making our clothes. Our production partners share our vision for sustainability, workers rights, and transparency.

All of our clothing is currently produced at a Fairtrade Factory. The factory is also certified by the Indian Green Building Council, Global Recycling Standard, and has achieved platinum level in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) process. All process are also GOTS certified, otherwise known as the Global Organic Textile Standard. Over 98% of all water used during dying is recycled…and when it comes out the other side it is nearly clean enough to drink.

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why we chose our factories

Responsible energy

Our factory in Tiruppur, India creates so much renewable energy from its own wind farm and solar panels that they actually send energy back to the government’s energy grid! They also have a modern effluent treatment plant (ETP), a zero discharge water recovery plant, and a reverse osmosis technology that ensures absolutely no harm to the environment!

Ethical practices

Our factory is Fair Trade certified, ensuring all workers are paid living wages (enough to support themselves and 2 children), while ensuring safe and humane working conditions. We also provide social insurance and health service options and workers are paid double their hourly rate for voluntary overtime.

GOTS certified

All process are also GOTS certified, otherwise known as the Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, ensuring environmentally and socially responsible practices from farm to finish.