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Our Factory: American Woolen

Material: 100% American fiber wool melton. 

What we produce together: Wool Jacket

Certifications: Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Chargers Organica Certification, UN Global Compact

Why we chose this partner: Because we were committed to building a fully-traceable, ethical, and sustainable wool supply chain. 

American Woolen in Stafford Springs, CT was founded in 1899 and quickly established itself as the world's leading provider of luxurious, high-quality wool fabrics. However, as the years passed and more companies pursued the ethos of cut-costs-at-all-costs, more wool fabric production was moved to cheaper locations like Australia and China. 

Committed to saving the domestic American wool industry, our friend Jacob Long purchased the factory in 2014 from Italian luxury apparel group Loro Piana SpA, which had owned and operated the mill for 26 years. Jacob was passionate about taking a stand against the rise of fast-fashion materials 

By partnering with American Woolen for the woven wool fabric and Chargeurs for the wool fibers, all of us at CHNGE are proud to release one of the most luxurious, traceable, and sustainable wool garments in the industry. From animal welfare to land management, we've worked hard to ensure that this

Collaboration Started: 2018

Founder's Names: Jacob Long

Fun Facts: At one point, in the early 1920's American Woolen eventually grew to 58 mills and 20,000 employees spread all throughout New England, and produced more than 20 percent of the America's national fabric output.

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