More Than A T-Shirt

Written by Henry Eisenhart
April 27, 2018

When it comes to clothing, no garment is more ubiquitous than the cotton t-shirt. Every year, 2 billion classic t-shirts are sold around the world, and to make room for all those cheap shirts, many get trashed. Modern clothing is made so poorly that it has become disposable, with the average American throwing away 70 pounds of textiles a year. We at CHNGE are determined to turn this tide, by sustainably producing the perfect t-shirt—a shirt that you will love for its looks and integrity. The price of our t-shirt is justified by its incredible quality, robust construction, sustainable focus, and virtuous production.


Where a typical t-shirt weighs around 5.5oz and is made from run-of-the mill conventional cotton, a shirt from CHNGE weighs 8oz and is made of plush, 100% organically grown Turkish cotton. Our shirt is spun with longer fibers that don’t have to be joined together as frequently, making for a highly constructed, luxuriously soft fabric. Most t-shirts are designed to last a season or two; a shirt from CHNGE is made to last a lifetime.

In addition to the quality, rest assured knowing this shirt is far less processed than a conventional cotton garment.

  1. A CHNGE shirt is never treated with harsh chemicals (like chlorine bleach and formaldehyde) that harm the environment. 
  2. Without fertilizer or irrigation needed for farming, our organic cotton uses 62% less energy than conventional cotton.
  3. This same organic rain-fed cotton saves more than 500 gallons of water per shirt. The same amount of water the average person drinks over two years.
  4. By using organic farming practices, all harmful pesticides were avoided (305 types to be exact).
  5. We also offset all CO2 emissions from our production and your post-purchase washing/drying of the shirt. In other words, this shirt is 100% carbon neutral

Every person involved in this labor of love is paid fairly. From the farmers that grow the cotton to the factory workers that sew the thread, they all receive a fair wage that enables them to lead a fulfilling life.

On top of all this, 50% of our profits from this shirt will be donated to Pencils of Promise, Charity-Water, Stand for Trees, and Acumen, a group of carefully vetted NGOs focusing on empowering people and protecting our planet.

A shirt from CHNGE is designed not only to be the best shirt in your closet, but also to have a positive impact on the planet.

When a t-shirt has been made and sold cheaply, your savings are someone else’s suffering. Everything about the garment, from its production to its fit and feel, has been considered. We broke down every element in your most fundamental piece of clothing and perfected it. We were willing to accept the higher costs to make this the right way out of the right material. At CHNGE, spending more costs a lot less.