Written by Sefton Eisenhart
April 27, 2018

Forests act as a world unto themselves, where flora and fauna interact to create a powerful symbiosis. Humans have long looked to the forest as a well of resources, both material and spiritual. In today’s world, forests still provide us with untold benefits, and their ability to curb pollution is no exception. Forests are the single most effective way to mitigate carbon emissions, yet they are being destroyed by short-sightedness and greed. The fashion industry is by no means innocent.

Manufacturing clothing contributes to climate change and deforestation because of the:

  • Energy needed to source materials and power factories 
  • Shipping and transport through the supply chain 
  • Sourcing, washing, and dyeing of fabrics

CHNGE acknowledges our inevitable contribution to climate change, but we are committed to completely offsetting our carbon footprint by pouring a portion of our profits back into environmental causes.

After copious research, we concluded that the best way to counteract carbon emissions is by protecting and facilitating the continued growth of forests.

These hotbeds of biodiversity are one of our greatest assets in the fight against climate change. As a global community we’ve enlisted the most brilliant scientists and environmentalists to find a solution to climate change, all the while the Earth has already had the perfect system for cleansing the air of CO2… photosynthesis.

A single fully-grown tree absorbs 48 pounds of CO2 per year and in one year, an acre of forest can absorb the carbon dioxide of two regular cars. Forests are the largest hubs of carbon storage in the US.

Most consumers may not realize this, but the majority of carbon emissions in fashion come from washing and drying the garment after it’s purchased. It’s similar to the automobile industry: building cars creates a lot of carbon, but driving them creates a whole lot more.

Any clothing from CHNGE will be carbon-neutral for the entire life of the garment. Not only will we offset the carbon from the production and transportation of everything we produce, but we will offset your post purchase footprint, so you can wash and wear with confidence. When you purchase one of our products you are supporting the idea that a company should not only be cognisant of the impact it’s having on the world, but take responsibility for it.

We want our customers to have confidence knowing that their purchase truly did some good, so we partnered with Stand For Trees, a wonderful organization that works to protect and promote forests all around the world. Some stats about the exact nature of the project are:

  • Project Name: Tambopata Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve
  • Project location: Madre de Dios, a region in southeastern Peru in the Amazon 
  • There are 11,500 people in the project zone, including 4 indigenous communities
  • Helps create 400 smallholder cocoa production jobs
  • It protects important species in the area like the giant armadillo, the blue macaw, the jaguar, and the giant river otter
  • Total area of project: 586,193 hectares, 4,000 hectares of land restored
  • This project will reduce global emissions by 4m tonnes of carbon dioxide: this is equivalent to 419,000 homes going carbon neutral for a year.

CHNGE stands among a community of consumers ready to revolutionize commerce. Our work with Stand For Trees is just one piece of the puzzle. Along with all our other initiatives, we will empower customers to cast a vote with every dollar they spend - a vote for ethics, transparency, and progress. We hope you join the fight for change around the world and share in the responsibility we all have to protect our planet and each other.