Bonjour Clem

Written by Nick Wilkie
June 10, 2021

Where are you from and what brought you to NYC? 

I was born in the South of France and grew up in France. I studied International Marketing in Lyon, France before I moved to Miami Beach in 2011 to chase what I thought was my calling. 

NYC called in 2013 to continue a promising modeling career. Miami wasn’t cutting at the time, I was scared of moving to NYC but I did and it changed my life for the better.

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about activism, standing up for people and causes I believe in, I am passionate about food and the process of cooking, I am passionate about love too, I am passionate about a lot! 

How has fashion inspired or influenced the life you live today?

Fashion was always part of my life from a young age. My first fashion icon was my mum, she was always stylish and has great taste. Then it became my own and I keep loving fashion without ever being a fashion victim. It’s very mildly important for me. Less and less as I grow older.

Why do you do what you do?

Everything I do, I do out of passion. I find purpose in everything I do and that purpose is a passion. Modeling seems empty sometimes but then I remind myself everything it’s brought me, all the lives I have changed thanks to it and everything it’s teaching me about myself and others on a daily basis. 

What’s the most fulfilling part about the work you create?

The most fulfilling  part is being able to inspire others to love themselves and accept themselves. I love seeing the change in people after we talked, after they came to an event or after they’ve seen our content images. I love giving them tools for empowerment. That’s by far the best part of what I do. 

What’s inspired you to start the “All Womxn Project” Non-Profit Organization?

My own insecurities inspired me to start that project. I realize that more and more, it was the need to see representation and diversity as a kid that sparked that passion of mine. I wanted to make that little girl happy by giving her the tools she needed growing up to feel secure, accepted and confident.

What sort of work does your Non-Profit do?

We create content, inspiration, resources and safe-spaces for Womxn and girls. We have our monthly events in NYC and just opened Seattle this month. We’re opening Miami at the end of the month and more more to come to serve more local communities! 

How can people get involved with “All Womxn Project”?

They can email us and dm us to join our project as a group member, ambassador, model or intern! 

We’ve been hacked and are in the process of getting our accounts back. In the meantime, they can email 

Empower, Educate, Advocate - can you elaborate on what these three pillars of your non profit mean to you?

We create empowering content and messaging, we provide resources and safe spaces for Womxn and girls to educate themselves and learn from their community, we also make it our mission to advocate for those who can’t or aren’t given the chance. 

What type of change do you hope for your work to inspire in our world?

Talking to so many Womxn over the years, we realized how important and life changing self-acceptance and self-love could have on a Womxn’s life. We’re hoping to create that change in her heart and soul where she’s empowered and starts making positive changes for herself and others as a results. There’s no limit to what an empowered Womxn can do. 

What’s one thing you want people to know/remember about you?

I want them to know I tried to make a difference, that it was heart felt and that I had a good ass time doing so.

Describe yourself in one word. 


When feeling uninspired, or down on your luck, what actions do you take to recenter, focus and continue on your journey?

I usually focus on facts. When I am down it’s because I let my anxiety take over my brain and tell me I am not good enough. When that happen, I stick to facts. What I have done already, what I am doing and what’s coming... then I take a deep breath and I keep going. 

What advice would your current self give your younger self? 

You are enough and you won’t even believe how great you will become. Trust the process, you are enough. 

If you won 10 million dollars from a lottery ticket, what would you do with the money?

Invest. Grow my projects faster, make a higher difference. 

Do you have any tattoos? If so can you tell us about them and what they mean to you? 

I do have 2. One is totally meaningless, done out of boredom one night in Madrid. 

The other one, my first one, was done with my sister, it says “live your life”. It was an anthem to our newfound freedom, celebrating ourselves, listening to RiRi’s latest radio hit “live your life”. 

What is one book you would recommend to someone reading this? 

 Omg I am only reading French right now but one of the first book i finished and enjoyed as an adult was “like water for chocolate” a passionate food and love story.